It is one of the most empowering and enriching things you can do both for the patients and for yourself.


Laughter in the unlikeliest of places.

Palliative communication expert Zofia Dove in this interview on CJOB radio speaks about the power of laughter and compassion as a computational healing tool by the bed side of gravely ill patients.

“There is a great need of a lighthearted approach in the health care system as attested by patients on a regular basis”
-Zofia Dove

TOUCHSTONE June 2011 – Arousing Curiosity from Colors In Motion™ on Vimeo.

TOUCHSTONE is a monthly online experience of Colors In Motion. They offer moments of quiet reflection, as their way of bringing balance and well being into the world.

I was honored to have my poem “Eruption” selected for the June 2011 Touchstone, Arousing Curiosity.

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Special thank you to Kripalu for sharing.

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